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VSR accuracy upgrades.

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Hello, so I have decided to upgrade my VSR finally since school is almost out. Now I was wondering what kind of upgrades I should get? I am going with accuracy over power. The reason for that is well if you have a powerful rifle but its not accurate what is the point. Also power upgrades are easy. so can you please let me know on what upgrades I should buy. looking at max $200.
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Why don't you go for power and accuracy? You don't have to sacrifice one to get the other.

But... I would recommend the "precision TM chamber" as your first drop in part. This is $60 and comes with a barrel. To save money, you should stick with that. Then, make some barrel spacers out of electrical tape to cut down on barrel vibrations.

Then get a nice VSR firefly bucking, it's $20, but worth it.

With your last $120, get a hotter spring and a bearing spring guide. Laylax parts will be $50 for these pieces, other brands will be cheaper...

Now, with your remaining $70, get some Deepfire reinforced sears for the VSR stock trigger mech. These are strong, but 45* sears, so you still can't run super powerful springs. Your trigger pull will be hard also if you go for a really heavy spring. These run $50 last time I checked. Might be a little more expensive, I forget.

For that remaining $20, buy yourself some nice bb's.
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So basically, you are scared of giving an 8 year old a boo boo? Um... Airsoft + 8 year olds is something that should never happen. Go play at "real" airsoft fields and not backyard games, and if you field allows 8 year olds to play... time to get a new field. Also, this is why legit fields make everyone under 18 wear a mask.

Also... crisis overseas? The one where you can get everything for cheaper and eliminate the retailer all together, and even with shipping get your parts cheaper? That one? That doesn't seem like a crisis.
Yeah, but they more than likely not feel it at that range. Especially with 8 year olds.

Financial crisis? Like the one where they are making billions every year off of the interest of the money the US owes? Or the one where their underpaid workers churn out tons of merchandise for very, very little cost? Wait... did you say crisis?

Also, if there actually is a crisis, it doesn't matter where you order... all parts for airsoft come from China. If you order off Airsoft Atlanta or Ehobby, they get it from the same spot. It's not like there are special factories here to make American goods. It's called shipping tankers, and the merchansise is either bought by you, direct, or is sold to you indirectly by retailers.
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