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So about a week ago I received my first JG Bar-10.

I also ordered a sh%tload of upgrade parts with it from all over where it was available:
- 3-9x40 scope with high mounts
- Tokyo Marui Scope Rail
- Maple Leaf 427mm 6.03 open window barrel
- AA hop-up chamber
- AA 90 degree trigger set with piston
- Maple Leaf Monster Diamond bucking in 60 and 75 hardness
- 2 JG mags
- 2 TM mags

First inspection of the Bar-10 my thoughts were that the gun looks amazing and has a high quality finish.
Then I started taking the gun apart because I got a lot of upgrade parts and also wanted to do some modifications.

Some of the standard modifications like barrel spacers, polishing the innerbarrel, making the cylinder guide easier through the receiver with a small piece of velcro (soft side) added just behind the most forward guide ring, stuffing the stock with foam etc was fairly easy.
But then I noticed that after even taken the gun apart a couple of times the screw threads started to wear. Because I'm not confident that this will hold up in the future I thought of a way to avoid stripped threads.

This is what I did:

I took a 4cm threaded bushing and measured how many turns it took for the screw to be flush in the receiver. If you go to deep it will scratch the cylinder (like I did, whoops)

I took a new stainless steel screw and cut the top off. Screwed it in the bushing and soldered it together.

Because the stock has a slotted hole where you put the screw in you can either cut the slot, or shorten the bushing a bit so it will fit snug into the receiver. I choose the latter.

I did the same to the screw through the triggerguard because that one started stripping too.

Same proces as above, just make sure the bushing is the same height as the piece you cut off.

Then Locktite and glue the bushings into the receiver. Finished it looks like this:

I also did the silicone cylinder head dampener mod:

But have to wait till it cures completely. I'll let it sit a couple of days and then I can start testing the accuracy and FPS. Limit here is 500. So I'll be aiming for 480. If I come too close to 500 I might get disqualified because of differences between the different FPS meters they use. So rather be safe than sorry.

What do you guys think of this mod? This way you can take the gun apart as many times as you wish without worrying about stripping the threads.

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I only put an allen key for the AA chamber in the stock pouch, one that has velcro attached to it so I can't lose it :hehe:

That way you can use the stock pouch to store 2 mags without any risk of losing the allen key, and the ability to store your mags on the gun is pretty useful I think :tup:
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