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VSR/BAR build

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First off I want to say, how glad I am this board is here. I'm relatively new to airsoft, and now a sniper role.

I have some ideas for a build, but I'd like to ask you guys to tell me what I might be doing wrong. And before anyone says it... I'm not trolling, and have done my own research but am simply trying to avoid any unneccasary spending like I did on my AEGs when I got them.

Here's my build

TM VSR-10 or JG Bar-10. - Can't really decide of the TM is worth the extra $$$.

Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Spring Guide - $27
Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Inner Barrel 555mm - I plan to add a suppressor I already have - $55.00
Laylax VSR-10 Silencer Attachment System (S.A.S.) -$19.00
Laylax VSR-10 Zero Trigger -$175.00
Laylax VSR-10 170SP Spring Upgrade for <550fps events -$21.00
Laylax VSR-10 Teflon Cylinder -$100.00
Laylax VSR-10 150SP Spring Upgrade - For <500fps events-$20.00
Laylax VSR-10 Cylinder Damper - $ 20.00
Nine Ball VSR-10 Hop Up Bucking $23.00

Total cost - $ $460.00 not including the gun.

Am I missing anything? Am I overkilling it? Is there a less expensive way?

Thank you in advance for your insight!

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I would go the JG BAR-10 route and do every DIY mod you can. Play with that a few games to make sure you like sniping if you haven't played the role yet. If you do like it, then spend all the money on the parts listed above. If you don't like it, then you're not out a lot of money.

As far as the build goes, it looks pretty good except for what Worst mentioned about the barrel. I would agree with him. I would also add the TM Precision Hop-Up, especially if you go the BAR-10 route.

I'm thinking the 150sp will get you to around 550 FPS, but I'm not sure. Can somebody confirm?
I wouldn't think so, but it would make the bolt pull a lot easier and smoother. That's a thing that I would eventually get over time.
Never heard of the teflon grease. I would just run the stock cylinder with some white lithium grease.
I think I've seen that at Lowe's. That would probably work good for lube. The teflon cylinders are actually coated with some sort of teflon and then you still use some sort of lubrication, but it make the bolt pull very easy.
Sweet, may have to pick some up in the near future. Glad to hear it works well.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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