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I'm really looking forward to this upcoming VSR96 (or whatever they will be called). From what I was reading, should start becoming available in the next month or so... Not that I can afford it yet, nor would I buy one of the first ones since I can't upgrade it just yet anyway.

I'm not sure what parts will be interchangeable with a normal VSR10, it does have a number of different parts, like how the BB is loaded and apparently the we can't just drop in all our current internals into the new body (at least not without mods). Inner barrel looks the same, so from launch, it appears we will at least have a different inner barrel option. Not sure about how soon other parts will be available...but I am hoping for good support pretty quickly from makers like Laylax. L96 weapons are pretty popular these I'm sure these will sell pretty well and get lots of support quickly as well...and I'm glad that there will be a TM option in addition to the Maruzen.

Now...I have to decide if I want another TM sniper rifle, or go with a Maruzen. Before I heard about the TM...I was planning to get a Maruzen. I may still (or get both) - I do want to learn the Maruzen internals...

On an unrelated note, the TM Five-seveN should be out soon too.
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