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So I recently painted my SPR, and loved the results I got. This got me thinking "why not paint the VSR too?" Only thing is, I'm not sure if I should use the same style/scheme or mix it up a little. I figured the knowledge here would be quite useful in figuring that out as well. Here's some reference pics of the 2.

SPR:As a note, the finished paint on the SPR has more of a green tone to it, the pics were taken late in the day, and the shadows don't do the paint justice.

VSR (pre paint of course):

(this one is a teaser, for fans of Noobie's work)

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2Echo said:
Sorry, I've been off the forums for a year

Anyways, I'm gonna do everyone a favor and go back to hibernation
Haha, no worries bud. I know it has been awhile.

And gosh, now I feel bad. Why don't you stay out of hibernation for it least a few more weeks. ;)
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