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Vsr questions

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I'm getting a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 pro sniper from my parents this Christmas
and I have a few questions:

1. First of all, I was wondering how accurate and sturdy the stock barrel is?

2. If its a good barrel, are there any barrel spacers that would fit the stock barrel?

3. And, if not, what barrel and spacers should I get?

4. Is there anything else that could be used to increase accuracy and range?

Right now power isn't the main objective I'm just going to get a PSS10 130 spring. Thanks in advance to the person that gets bombarded with these questions.
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I can only answer number three, since I have never owned a TM vsr-10, and cannot answer the other questions.

3. For barrel spacers in any bolt action rifle, I typically never buy them offline. For twenty bucks for a 2-pack I find it not worth it. I went to the local True Value (or Home Depot), and bought some electric tape. I then wrapped it around the inner barrel until it was a relatively tight fit in the outer barrel. I did this evenly spacing them on the inner barrel, and this becomes a cheap method to make barrel spacers that can save some money.

This can help increase the accuracy which you asked in your fourth question. The spacers limit the barrel vibration and wobble, and can help steady each shot. A simple test to make sure the spacers are affective, is to put the rifle together, and with the end cap off, put your finger on the inner barrel and wiggle it around. The barrel should not move much, due to the spacers keeping the inner barrel steady.
I wouldn't know about the barrel, but I'm guessing it might be worth it to look into a tightbore from edGI, PDI, madbull, etc.

As for barrel spacers, before you buy some, most people would suggest you make your own. this thread has some good info on some DIY modifications that can help with accuracy.

After that you could try looking into a new hop up unit. The two I have seen available right now are the TM pro chamber (which is possible is already in your rifle, I wouldn't know for sure) and noobies TDC kit for which the thread can be found here
You might have problems making your own spacers, the VSR pro sniper has a tappered barrel, meaning the diameter gets smaller as you get to the tip of the barrel. That would mean that you'd have to make your spacers smaller and smaller as you get to the end of the barrel. It would also mean that, since the inside if the outer barrel is sloped and these spacers are not, the spacers would only have minimal contact with the outer barrel and may be less effective. You could remedy bot of these problems by buying an after market "bull" barrel, which if the same diameter the whole way down.

The stock barrel is ok but it's nothing magical. I think it's made of aluminium and has an inner diameter of 6.08mm. You could polish it, which would make it more useable, if you're low on funds or you could get a tight bore. Most people would recomend a 6.01mm tight bore because that's more precise and leet snipers but, others swear that your better off with a 6.03mm.
Thanks, I will get a bull barrel then make spacers after I fix my gun.
You can make a practical and effective barrel spacer by wrapping computer paper around you barrel(tightly) and continue adding until you have a nice snug fit inside your outer barrel. I might help dampen the barrels vibrations but otherwise it is a nice, large 'one piece' barrel spacer.

*courtesy of 'SVT Cobra' on Airsoft Retreat, I tried it out and I can vouch for its quality. Give it a shot! :)
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