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Vsr upgrade help

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Hi I’m wondering if anyone could help me out.
I have a vsr gspec and current upgrades include:
M150 spring
Action army trigger set
Action army hop up chamber
Panthera nub
Maple leaf bucking
Action army 6.01 430 mm

what other parts should I upgrade to make sure it is running efficiently
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I'd grab a masada arm or tridos tdc. I've found both of those to be more consistent than the panthera nub (which is still really good)
Alternatively you could make my arm, but the Masada and Tridos are good too.

Panthera is overpriced and sorta lame now that there are other options.
Don't forget good quality heavey weight bb's.

Geoff's .45g are normally ideal
BLS .48g is cheaper and as good as Geoff's in most cases, but get whatever is easier or cheaper for you.
Suggested Geoff's as OP is in UK and everywhere seems to stock them from experience.
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Geoff's bbs are made by BLS. But I've notice a better bb trajectory with Geoff's. I don't know why there is such a price difference and slightly different bb trajectory.
I partially believe the trajectory difference is in your mind
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