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VSR upgrades help.

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Hey guys, I'm pretty okay with my L96 knowledge but I know nothing about VSR's. I'm considering in investing in a TM VSR as my lighter rifle and and I would like to know a few things about it. I will be taking the Laylax route.

First and foremost. Assuming I do get a VSR it will definitely be the G-Spec. I love silencers but I know the barrel fits a 303, not including the silencer. How long is the silencer?

As far as hop up goes, there's 3 choices And there's the R-hop but as far as I know it's integrated with any of the three hop up chambers.
My hop up choices.
-Stock hop up(I've heard the VSR has decent hop up when used with r-hop)
-Tokyo Marui Precision Brass Barrel & New Chamber Set for VSR-10(430mm)
-Laylax VSR-10 AERO Chamber NEO(I've never heard of this up until today.)

Which is the best?

My Barrel choices.
-Laylax 6.03(430mm) VSR-10(I'm not sure if it works with upgraded hop up chambers)
-Prommy 6.03(407mm)AEG

Everything else I pretty much know.
-Laylax 450 fps spring(I'll look for that later)
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax Cylinder head
-Laylax Z-Trigger w/ Orange piston
-Laylax Spring guide 9mm
-Laylax Piston head
-If I go with the stock hop-up, then a nine ball(purple bucking) If I do one of the upgrade hop-ups then I'll use the W-hold.

Anything I'm doing wrong or any suggestions? I really don't know much about VSR's so feel free to say whatever you feel would be better.
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You are getting a lighter rifle, but you still are not going to get 303mm barrel? If I were you, I would get the same as you, but a 303mm barrel, cut the m150 spring so piston won't hit cylinder head, making the gun dead silent, and I would still hit ~400 fps with 0.36, and would reach nice 200ft easily.
But if you want that longer barrel, get tokyo marui precision chamber, it comes with a 430mm tbb.
I agree with the 303mm barrel. If you're looking for one, I have a PDI 6.01 303mm that hasn't been used very much at all that I'm looking to sell. PM if interested.

Other than that, your build looks good. I'd maybe go with the TM Precision Chamber and the Nineball bucking, or just stick with the stock chamber with mods and then get the Precision Chamber later on.
Really? I had no idea that it wouldn't fit the G-Spec. I could've sworn that I've seen people with that on their upgrade lists on other forums.
I don't mind the VSR with a silencer. And I prefer the extra range and accuracy.
Keep in mind, using a 430mm barrel rather than a 303mm barrel won't increase range and accuracy any. Just throwing that out there.
Why wouldn't it be? It's a longer barrel.
It's a common misconception in the airsoft world, but unlike real steel, barrel length doesn't do much at all. People have been able to achieve sniper distances with gas pistols with an HPA rig.

Longer barrels increase accuracy.... no range...
Actually, a longer barrel and decrease the accuracy if it's too long. Even if it's slightly longer, it won't increase accuracy. What really increases the accuracy when replacing a stock barrel is the consistencies of the barrel diameter. This is why upgraded barrels are generally better than the stock barrels. I've had good success with just polishing my stock barrels though.
From what I've read, that certain point isn't very long either (around 450mm I think)- correct me if I'm wrong.

@0326reconman: Switching the barrel length to 450mm won't make nearly as much of a difference in the performance of your rifle as hop-up mods and quality of parts will. I wouldn't worry about changing the length unless you really wanted to. I'd focus more on the hop-up mods and such that you originally listed and what were recommended, as those are what will really add range and accuracy to your rifle.
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