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VSR upgrades help.

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Hey guys, I'm pretty okay with my L96 knowledge but I know nothing about VSR's. I'm considering in investing in a TM VSR as my lighter rifle and and I would like to know a few things about it. I will be taking the Laylax route.

First and foremost. Assuming I do get a VSR it will definitely be the G-Spec. I love silencers but I know the barrel fits a 303, not including the silencer. How long is the silencer?

As far as hop up goes, there's 3 choices And there's the R-hop but as far as I know it's integrated with any of the three hop up chambers.
My hop up choices.
-Stock hop up(I've heard the VSR has decent hop up when used with r-hop)
-Tokyo Marui Precision Brass Barrel & New Chamber Set for VSR-10(430mm)
-Laylax VSR-10 AERO Chamber NEO(I've never heard of this up until today.)

Which is the best?

My Barrel choices.
-Laylax 6.03(430mm) VSR-10(I'm not sure if it works with upgraded hop up chambers)
-Prommy 6.03(407mm)AEG

Everything else I pretty much know.
-Laylax 450 fps spring(I'll look for that later)
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax Cylinder head
-Laylax Z-Trigger w/ Orange piston
-Laylax Spring guide 9mm
-Laylax Piston head
-If I go with the stock hop-up, then a nine ball(purple bucking) If I do one of the upgrade hop-ups then I'll use the W-hold.

Anything I'm doing wrong or any suggestions? I really don't know much about VSR's so feel free to say whatever you feel would be better.
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Longer barrels increase accuracy.... no range...
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