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This was built for noob-rich and he only owned it a couple months. Supposedly only shot about 100 rounds of ceramic through it. He paid $2K, I am in absolutely no rush to sell and may end up just keeping it for myself so keep that in mind when making offers. I have 600-700 .69’s that i could sell as well. Its a sleeper for sure, no fancy blueing or paint job. I’ll have pictures up soon, will come with a tm stock.

Build sheet is as follows:
6061 VSR-X action w/ Delrin cylinder sleeve, 495mm outer barrel (up to 380mm inner barrel) painted finish
7075 end cap, flat crown (no threads for silencer/flash hider) painted finish-$0
EdGi cylinder
EdGi spring guide
EdGi/Careful piston (custom design)
PDI spring
EdGi bolt handle (RH)
EdGi end cap (stainless)
17-4PH stainless inner barrel (12.7mm OD)
Integral suppressor
Tool for removing integral suppressor
Action Army hop chamber
Action Army Zero Trigger unit
Nineball bucking (for air seal)
Base TM VSR-10
Cylinder and end cap assembly/disassembly tool

The following are extras that you can mix and match if you’d like to customize further. I personally love the s trigger and the VM is the best available barrel right now in the world and specifically meant and designed for using .69’s out of a VSRX system.

VascoMax - $300
Springer Customs v8 S-trigger
PDI V trigger

The only exception to that being the barrels, if you want either one just let me know. The 17-4ph is $200

Paypal only

I’m not on here to often so feel free to look this up on HopUp
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