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VSR10 and the BOLT

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So in about 6 months time my son will finally have all the parts necessary in order for me to begin the process of upgrading the VSR10 into an HPA dream machine. I am going to try to get a little ahead of it now so I can make sure all of his progress is not wasted as he has limited resources.

Here is the rundown of the parts list for it:
-Wolverine BOLT engine
-Wraith CO2 system
-Maple Leaf Bucking
-Action Army hop up chamber
-Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel

Now a few questions I have for you guys.

I am seeing a lot of people saying that the Wraith system does not actually fit within the stock without lots of alterations so we are looking to affix it to the outside of the gun, has anyone else here done this as well? If so what did you do to get it to stay?

I also noticed quiet a few people mentioning that the BOLT is not a perfect fit within the system and that the lines get pinched frequently. I am trying to 3D print a design to clip into place in order to keep the line from being pinched but I do not know the measurements to work with, does anyone have the diameter measurements of the line so I can start getting some concepts drawn up.
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I have the Bolt and the thing is awesome!!!
I don't have many upgrades yet but here are ones that I hear are awesome.

Panthera nub from Skirmshop
Maple Leaf crazy jet barrel 540mm
Maple Leaf Deceptions 60° bucking
Any barrel spacers
Maple Leaf 510mm Bull barrel
Spartan Doctrine 335mm silencer
Wolverine Bolt air saver
Matrix .43 BBs

All of these things should be good so I am excited to get them.
Good luck with your Bolt!!!
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So the wraith will fit into a JG stock, but NOT a Tokyo Marui. I had a Marui stock I dremmeled up and made a custom mount with a scope ring. But to be honest, even with the wraith mounted in the stock, the leverage isn't as nice since you have to use your finger tips. I found myself not being able to fully puncture the cartridge and it's blowing all the co2 out haha. Also, over time the puncture point may need adjusted so you'll have to take it all back apart again. Oh my wraith setup I just have an offset 25mm mount on the side of my scope and it's perfect.

The rest of your upgrade list looks good, if you want to save every little bit of co2 you can run a longer barrel. Running a Wolverine cylinder allows you to run the air line externally, making it easier to swap between the wraith and an hpa tank. I have a video of the options;

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