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Here is my full upgrade btw.
Maple Leaf zero trigger group
Maple Leaf 90 degree piston (could be action army)
Maple Leaf spring guide (could be action army)
Maple Leaf m145 spring (550fps)
Maple Leaf Hopup arm
Maple Leaf Hopup chamber (could be action army)
Maple Leaf autobot 60 degrees hopup rubber
Maple Leaf crazy jet barrel
Maple Leaf barrel spacers
Maple Leaf concave nub
Action Army Teflon cylinder
Maple Leaf cylinder head

I know, a lot of maple leaf, right? They're massively available in my area, and a little more budget friendly than the action army ones.
Also, I'm willing to swap out the piston, spring guide, and the hopup chamber to action army ones if you recommend it.

So you're saying if i buy a new tm vsr sniper riffle and i have my old mlc 338 sniper rifle i can upgrade my tm vsr with my old maple leaf 338 parts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts