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I have an agm vsr10 and I have been doing tech work on aegs for years so now want to try upgrading bolt acion rifles. I've had my agm vsr10 for awhile but never used it more than shooting in the yard. So what upgrades can or should I get, what do they do, and where do they go? I don't have that much money to spend but still trying to make it as good as I can

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Get Action Army for everything internal!!!!!

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I recommend just reading all the threads you can find. It will maybe take a few weeks to understand a full grasp of a lot, but it's worth it. It's somewhat of a short-term commitment.

Through my experience and reading on the inter-webs, here's a brief summary of what I learned to upgrade.

In order
For accuracy:
- Hop up bucking
- Barrel (with barrel spacers)
- (Optional) Hop up chamber (Action Army chamber is awesome)
- Hop up arm (Dangerwerx) or nub (Firefly Namazu)
- Spring
- Teflon tape mods for compression.
- Upgraded Cylinder head (if you're having leaking or high fps variations)
For durability:
- Upgraded 45 degree trigger sears or 90 degree trigger (main difference is that 90 has a really smooth bolt cycle. Works well with 500+ fps)
- Spring guide stopper
- Piston
- Spring guide
- Upgraded Cylinder head
- Cylinder (Always last for springers because it's mainly cosmetic)

Since you have an AGM, not all the VSR upgrade parts will fit perfectly; therfore, you might have to modify some parts of your rifle.
If you're on a budget, I recommend just upgrading the accuracy portion and maybe throw in a m130 spring. This will provide good range, accuracy, and fps (410-450).
Also, read all of 1tonne's threads located in his sig. Super helpful.
I could be wrong on some things because I typed this up before sleeping and I have not research a ton on AGM VSR. Just throwing out what I learned through VSR and BAR threads and experience.

Edit: One thing to note: In AEG, the piston is being cycled and the cylinder is stationary (I think you would know that). In Springers, the piston and cylinder is moved together. Once the piston catches, the cylinder moves forward and locks.

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Hey Jtf13! glad to see you took my advice and got on here! its a lot easier to explain things this way than over a tiny screen on my phone.

Ok guys, this kid is looking for an explanation of what the parts actually DO, so if anyone wants to chime in with that then that would be great.

And to answer your question I know we talked some about it already but to refresh.

The bolt is your cylinder, the spring guide, spring, and piston live inside it. the cylinder head caps it off. When you pull back the bolt, the spring guide stays in place because of the pin I mentioned earlier that comes up behind it and holds it, preventing it from moving backwards with the cylinder and piston. Now the piston is pressed against the bottom of the cylinder head because of the increasing pressure from the spring, but that slot is just long enough so that once you pull the cylinder back far enough the trigger sears grab onto the end of it hand hold it in place. You slide the bolt back forward but the piston stays back because of the sears, and as the cylinder slides forward that chambers the bb, and when you pull the trigger it releases the sears and the piston shoots forward compressing the air in the cylinder and pushes the bb through the hop up and out the end of the barrel.
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