$1600.00 USD
May entertain partial trades for top tier steel barrels, m14 or g28 setups, bolt/m.

i hardly use this forum anymore so for the quickest response, you can find me on reddit u/7th_SiN_7th

Testing waters here more than anything. Curious how many people actually know what this is and how many appreciate its value.

So I decided to let go of my fabled VSR-X since it doesn’t really see much use. Im in no rush to sell this and can wait for the right buyer for as long as it takes.

This particular rifle was purpose built by Joseph Cribbs and Tim Greene with ceramics in mind so while it will work with regular heavys (.48), it’s greatest efficiency is met with ZrO2 bearings (.69) because of the piston weight and cylinder/barrel volume ratio. Thats also why it has a VascoMax barrel instead of a regular stainless steel and a specialized piston made by Joe himself. I cant quite recall the exact piston weight but i want to say it’s between 150 and 170 grams. The piston on my old VSRX was 150g so its at least that but may be heavier, you’ll have to disassemble and check yourself if you want the exact weight.

As far as credibility goes, I have multiple people within the industry that can vouch for me including Joe (Careful), James Hwang from BLS bb’s, barry and wesley beekvelt of Stalker, Dan Mech (Sniper Mechanic), Ed (EdGi), and others as well. I have a FB profile with lots if history in various airsoft groups, this old ASF profile that hardly has any activity, and a profile on HopUp with lots of vouchers. Thats where i sold my old VSRX but their app is garbage now.

Price is negotiable but not by much, I am in NO rush to sell. If you pay my asking price, I will throw in the T10 stock/chassis and cover up to $40 in shipping. Anything less than my asking price means you pay shipping and I keep the T10 stock/chassis. If i can find an old vsr stock laying around i will include that though.

I will send extra pics to serious inquiries. “Goods and services” through PayPal is the ONLY form of payment I will accept, no exceptions unless we meet in person and you pay cash (NorCal).


VM 6.03 300mm

Nineball purple

AA hop up

Brass nub

PDI bore up cylinder

Joe made piston w/ edgi cup

Pdi spr380 spring

PDI spring guide

AA trigger box

AA bolt handle