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Wandall's G22 (aka Maruzen Type96)

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Hey IT'S ME! xD

I finally did it. =D I took the pictures already and here they are, hope ya guys like them.
(Pistol is a TM Socom springer with Hop Up.)

Here is a group picture of my most essential primary sniping gear. (Yes, it is a WELL bibod... BUT I DON'T CARE! xD

Those rounds are REAL 7,62mm x 51 NATO AP (Armor Piercing) rounds. =D Pulled from couple of strings to get em. ^^ I had to sew little dividers between every catridge, otherwise they'd fall off...

These AP rounds lack gun powder and their "detonator cap"'s? Are completely oiled so they WILL NOT FUNCTION. They are 100% DEAD. Thank you for suggesting this modify post Embed. =)

So here is the biggest peace of operation. The TM M14 based DUMMY MAG! :) Turned out very well even though I can't stand those little splits of Z-Poxy glue... DARN!
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/>

I really carry and keep my bb's in that metal authentic bullet box. And it says 7,62mm NATO. ;) That t-shirt is a custom print.

I use these Straight 0,43g bb's, they do the trick, at least for me.

The complete specs list will appear in few days.
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Not bad mate, I'd suggest doing a paintjob to the stock.

Other than that, looks like a good setup you have there.
Thanks, I'm not good in painting stocks though...
Very nice loadout, that's one done right. I like the shirt, too hehe

I hope those rounds aren't live. It might not be a bad idea to modify your post to specify that they're dummy rounds.
Dang! That's right! I'll do that right away. Thanks for advice. ;)
WOW, that dummy mag looks amazing! At first I was skeptical, but now I have to make one for myself! Is this the mag you used or was it a different one. Please tell me. (
great job man, just use some nail polish remover on that glue spot and it should come right off. I've got like 2-3 bottles of that stuff sitting in my room just for that purpose, and for getting rid of orange tips (that are painted)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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