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Wanna Be Sniper (New)

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Yep. That's me. Why? Well, the guns are the coolest!

That, and I only have one leg. One real one. I had the other sawed off in 2007 when the bone got infected with MSRA Staph at a hospital after a horrific Longshoreman accident. Dont ask.

I can walk but even a trot is out of the question. Enter the sniper!
Got a good Ghilie, rifle Ghillie, 2 DMR's (1k plus) a Tanaka M700 ACIS HPA being built (1200$$).

Scopes: Tanaka: Nikon Coyote with kill flash, 5-14x40 in MAX1 camo with camo rings. SR25: Luepold clone of a MKIV..a real nice scope actually. IR and AO. on the SR10 is a EOtech clone with a 3x FLIP out of the way magnifier. Neat.

I forgot about the old KJW M700 we are converting to HPA and massively upgrading. We will see how good my local tech is in Lake Worth. He says he is one of the best...I wont let him at my Tanaka until he proves himself on the KJW.
The Tanaka went back to the original owner to upgrade. I think he will do fine.

All these expensive guns wont do squat with out good tactics. One advantage I have is I am a very good shot...with real steel. Bad thing is that Airsoft reacts a lot different than real steel. its a whole new learning curve. And I am learning.

I just want a wide and varied choice of guns so I dont have an excuse that this or that is broken. I will eventually find a rhythm with one and use it as a primary and the others as back up.
Which one remains to be seen. That is part of the fun and learning process.

The design of the build has been fun, but i am over all the tech stuff now. I just want to to play with something that will be reliable AND effective.

My DMR;s are a heavily upgraded CA (no CA parts left!) SR25, and a self made custom AR10.(ICS reciver)

My little MP 5 may well turn out to be a DMR when We are done with it. Dont be surprised!

coming: Ashahi M60 with plans for a LRB by Booster shooting a mere 360 fps on HPA. Looong ranging!

Being made: Tanaka M700 ACIS. Best of everything so my tech says. Just starting project. HOT FPS GUN. 200 foot min engagement.
Special VSR type "bull" barrel ported EDGI custom inner.

MAybe an TM AUG long barrel with a 150 spring, Phantom kit. Trying to make a deal. Will be a DMR, possibly a sniper..depends.

The SR25 We HOPE to play a dual role of a sniper or DMR. We are working VERY hard to build some serious accuracy in this gun.

Maruzen KG9 by Booster with an LRB, barrel weight, hi pressure chamber, etc. 5 mags. long ranging field legal gun. Dont know where this will fit in. My local guy is ALL about gas Classics. I only like them if they do the job.

So many guns. Need more targets!

I have been shooting mid field with my AR 10 whcih was terribly innaciurate. The other guns are ALL projects at this time. The AR is starting a new build.

Plan is to melt BACK into the woods and engage at longer distances with higher fps and more accuracy. Might even find some shade too!

My Ghillie blends in REAL well with our terrain. Its been WAY WAY to hot to even play last week end. I am concentrating on getting the guns working and reading up on tactics. All fire power and no tactics is sure fire way to loose.

I do pretty well for a FNG...hold my own. I can do better. Much better. I need more experience and play time. A gun that can actually be AIMED would be a great start. And we are hard at work at that.

Ed from EDGI has sent me 2 custom ported barrels that might prove to be interesting.

I am entertaining THREE types of BB's for differnt situations. .29 SGM and ,.30 Golden Ball for low or no wind. .40 Goldenball for windy conditions or if the .30's are being over powered.
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