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Want More Attachments for Your Rifel? Look Here!

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Want More Attachments for Your Rifle? Look Here!

A big problem with most bolt action (and some semi) snipers, is that they only have one rail, which is meant for a scope! I surely am not the only one who has wanted to mount lasers, lights, cameras, and 45 degree iron sights on my rifle! So i came up with an easy solution, custom mounted rails.

Why not just screw a rail in? Well, if you screw the rail in it's forced to make its own threads into the guns body. Most guns have a polymer/plastic body which can strip really easily. Also the bonding the rail to your guns body is alot stronger.

Step 1: Acquire A Rail: This can be any kind of rail you want, 14mm pictany, 20mm, ect.. What ever your attachments fit on.

Step 2: Concave ends of rail to fit your guns body: Normally rails are flat on the ends, this will allow the rail to slide around while drying because it won't be flush with the guns body.

Step 3: Sand down screw hole: On some rails, the hole where the screws go through are extended. You will need to sand these all the way down till they are level with the lowest part of your con-caved ends.

Step 4: Sand down spot on gun where rail will be placed: This isn't necessary, but it allows the JB Weld to stick to your guns body more.

Step 5: Bond rail to gun: This is what holds the rail to the gun. I chose JB Weld because it can bond almost anything to anything, and is the worlds "strongest" bond. Make sure you don't get the quick dry version, its weaker.

Step 6: Let bond dry in a propped up position: JB Weld takes about 18 hours to fully harder, so i give it a full night and half a day. also m=for the first 20-30 minutes, make sure to check on the rail every 5 minutes! It may shift and if you don't do something while it wet, your screwed!

Step 7: (optional) Add screw heads to make rail look like it is screwed in place: I didn't do this, but i may later. You need to find a screw that would for your rail, cut the head of the screw off, and JB Weld it into the screw hole of the rail. This will make the rail look more professional.

Step 8: Enjoy your new "tacticool" looking rifle!

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