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Wanting to modify M16A3 AEG into a DMR.

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I am relatively new to upgrading airsoft rifles in general and am looking for tips/ recommendations on how to turn my M16 into a DMR. I have a JG M16A3, I believe it came with a tight bore inner barrel already. Other than that, I believe it is stock. Anything helps, thanks!
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Before anyone suggests upgrades have you checked if you local field allows 5.56mm rifles as dmrs some limit based on real world calibre/usage.

Just so you don't end up wasting money.
If they do indeed allow 5.56mm DMRs (there are quite a few in real life, including those fielded by the USMC, Army Special Forces and other chappies: SAM-R, SDM-R, Mk12SPR and M38 DMR ) then there's a whole subforum devoted to Longrange AEGs and DMRs:

Check the accuracy guide in my signature for an in depth guide.

For simpler advice, get good BBs, shoot your rifle at some targets, and decide if you like what you see before you get on the war path.

Since you’re USA, get either BLS or G&G .30g—G&G will most likely be more cost effective, as you can buy them from Amazon with fee shipping.

Oh, and clean your barrel with alcohol with the hop turned off.
Oh, and clean your barrel with alcohol with the hop turned off.
Hope your using isopropyl and not wasting a good scotch/whiskey cleaning your barrels lol.
For the life of me I can’t think up a bad pun as a comeback right now…
My bbs are not flying stupid, your not drunk enough to see straight.
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I mean… if you leave alcohol in the barrel it will make your BBs fly a little wobbly. ;)
3If you are set on the M16 path, I would do a few things for sure:

1) Shorter inner barrel (300-363mm)
2) Ensure a full cylinder assembly with perfect air seal, including a o-ring equipped nozzle. Preferably a full bore up kit with a heavy piston and piston head.
3) Use a heavier BB than what the rifleman crowd is using, kinetics is about half of the story here. I run my “recce” rifles with .32g-.36g BB’s , depending on which responds better. I don’t run a DMR with less than a .40g, but I run aV2.gearbox with a bore up kit.

Odds are, that M16 will need to have to have its gearbox opened, especially if it already doesn't have a solid mosfet/trigger assembly, and probably a motor if doesn't already have at least a JG Blue.

Putting all that aside, if you are looking to not have to do a lot of modifications, a friend of mine bought a CYMA Platinum SR25 “Sniper” morel (full barrel, full stock, QD suppressor) , brand new, and all we had to do to it, to make it rock, was change the spring, and put a R-hopped SS 6.03 inner barrel that I had sitting around and flat hop bucking/Omega nub, and its launching .40’s like a champ, with noteven having to open the gearbox. V2.5’s are a powerful dru….gearbox! The CYMA Plat-SR25’s are usually running below $300.00, and already has items that a standard M16 replica is usually lacking.

The other benefit is that there is no field in the universe that would argue that it would qualify as a DMR model.
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