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Warrior L96 or VSR

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Need help choosing which one to keep and which one to sell.

1 Warrior L96 With Tight bore barrel, hard rupper laylax barrel spacers and firing @ 450fps.

2. TM vsr pro standard @ 310 fps

Brought the vsr pretty much new for a bargain, and because its alot lighter than my L96 and feels like a much better quality gun.

Played with my vsr today and sadly didnt enjoy it due to the lack of power and range, so thinking bout selling it, but wanted some opionions on what there like upgraded.

What do people think about the comparison?

Any Help?

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First, make an intro post.

Keep the VSR, TM will not let you down. I like clones and all, but if you have a genuine TM VSR, keep it. I can do some stuff to it for fairly cheap to increase power/range, check my sig.

I can do the same for the type 96, if you want.
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