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Washing an r-hop

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I know that to wash a bucking you simply soak it on soapy water and use a q-tip or something similar to clean it and let it air dry, but what do you do for an r-hop? Or more specifically an ir-hop? I have been using the same procedure as with a bucking but it's so small it's hard to hold and clean at the same time. Does anyone have any specific method for this?
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Well if it is dipping the patch in an acid to get rid of impurities then in a base to neutralize the acid, I get the concept. Putting it into practice is a bit harder. If you think I shouldn't do this then that begs the original question; what should I do?
So basically I should diregard this entire conversation and go back to the method I have been using all along... A little dissappointing. Anyway, if you do use warm water make sure it was cold then just heated up on a stove or something. If it was warm from the tap then it will have a lot of crap in it from the water heater, as mentiond throughout the washing bbs thread.
Yup. Sorry man, if you can get it to work, kudos, but it's gotta be done right.

If you boil it - that works a little better.
Boiling it gets rid of impurities. It also gets you clear ice. But that's besides the point. I'm just going to keep it cold from the water filter that we use to get drinking water. It is the ice version patch so it won't matter. What I have been doing it letting it soak in the soapy water (with dish soap or camp soap because that's extremely strong stuff) for a few minutes then give it a good rubbing with a clean q-tip or a cotton gun patch, whichever I have handy. Then Just let it air dry like a normal bucking.
Cold water doesn't get grease off, which is why it needs to be at least lukewarm.
Why have I never thought about that before... duh. And here I am who does DIY stuff and washes grease off of stuff with warm water and rubbing alcohol all the time. Alright so from now on I'll boil a little bit of water then make it soapy. So one good thing came out of this thread. Thanks.
Well I also know that the method I've been using hasn't been doing anything to the patch besides cleaning it. I haven't been completely sure about soap on it up until now.
My uncle worked for an environmental cleanup company and had a jar in the basement with HCI and it ate up the metal lid and the metal cabinet he stored the jar in,lol.. that stuff aint no joke! Dip your hand in for a few seconds and when you pull your hand out its bone kinda stuff!! I have to admit, I am VERY afraid of that stuff,lol...
Me too. My dad had some that ate through its container then the exhaust system of his motorcycle ...

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Me too. My dad had some that ate through its container then the exhaust system of his motorcycle ...

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yikes! Yeah thats pretty messed up! I be he was pissed!! Hahaha.. it made the exhaust rusty fast as heck didnt it.. thats what happened to the lid and cabinet. One day we went to the basement so uncle Marty could show off the acid and when he got into his storage room the cabinet looked 100 years old,lol.. then he opened the cabinet door and the lid was powder,hahaha the look on his face was priceless.. cans of spray paint were trash!
What molarity? I have had some 10M stuff sitting around for years and it's fine...
I have no clue buddy, I was about 13 back then.. I dont think he ever said its strenght. I just remember seeing the stuff all in a 2 ft radious turned to rust.
Was the cabinet okay? >:D
Just don't keep it in a metal container and you're fine. To my knowledge acid can't eat through glass. Those are some pretty scary stories though. Cheese knows his stuff so that's fine, but i like to try to use everything to do things that they should never do. don't know what would happen if I got my hands on some highly concentrated HCL LOL.
The cabinet he had it in was pretty much no good anymore,lol.. it was on the lower shelf and the upper shelf was mostly dust. It was in a glass jar, just had a metal lid. It was potent stuff I'm sure. He was sent in to clean it up from a spill. I dont know any details of it though. And yeah I trust Cheese too. He sounds like he knows his stuff, I agree.
I know my dad ended up selling the bike... No idea how strong though.

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I'm touched by the amount of trust you have in me...:cheers:

Generally it won't melt glass, and you can treat metal containers to hold it. Generally they use a special plastic designed to not react with HCl.
I knew it wouldnt react with glass, and I think I might have heard that plastics not reactive too. Man I wish I knew what Uncle Marty had. I dont see him anymore after a good sized screw over on his part and I'm still mad,lol.. So I wont bother trying to ask him.
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