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Washing an r-hop

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I know that to wash a bucking you simply soak it on soapy water and use a q-tip or something similar to clean it and let it air dry, but what do you do for an r-hop? Or more specifically an ir-hop? I have been using the same procedure as with a bucking but it's so small it's hard to hold and clean at the same time. Does anyone have any specific method for this?
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Cheese, just what is it that you do that you have 10M HCL sitting around?
I'm a high school student.

I just do a crap ton of stuff that involves advanced chemistry/physics that my teacher might not let me do at school (kinda dangerous...).
As long as you take precautions lol. I have 7 years of chemistry experience and I still wear gloves, eye protection, and sometimes a lab coat when dealing with certain chemicals-- outside the lab!

Interestingly enough, at higher levels of chemistry you'll seldom ever use a substance anywhere near 10M >:D.
Yes but you still don't get that fun of using a seriously dangerous substance or object to do something it wasn't designed to do. Anywho, I can just imagine hearing an explosion coming in the direction of Alaska and hearing on the news "A teenager by the alias of Cheese Man was experimenting with mixing pure HCL with uranium and accidentally blew up Alaska.
How have you been cleaning your r-hops after they have been installed? I've a r-hopped vsr and its bucking has got quite dirty. It's not black anymore but tan such as .40 bb:s. I dont have any test results but I'm pretty sure that it has an effect on accuracy.
Would it be good idea to use etanol? (I've some 96%)
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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