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In my quest/research to develop something new; this afternoon I decided to entertain the idea of blowguns, and I discovered something that will hopefully help everyone realize that there is something seriously wrong with the way that we do things in this sport.

This is a grouping from a .50 BLOWGUN at 20 yards... 60 ft.

Sure, there is drop blah blah blah. Justify it all you want. but if this isn't a wakeup call to us I don't know what is.

Blowguns (should be) < Airsoft, here is why:
No Hop up
Weak pressure
No spin
Firing position is more awkward/unstable than even off-hand shooting
Terrible site line
Heavier projectiles

And, just to prove I'm not shooping it, here is a link to the forum:

Bit of a rant and food for thought for those of you that may still think that things are 'fine' they way they are, or think that we can work with what already exists. THESE GUYS ARE BLOWING THROUGH A TUBE! I mean, seriously... ::)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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