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This is my first review about my first airsoft gun. If I didn't post something you would like to know, feel free to ask and I'll see if I can come with an answer.

Forgive me if I don't know all the names of all the parts, but I'll try to give a precise description of what part I mean.

WE Beretta M9 GBB

The gun

I don't have a lot of experience with a lot of guns, but when I got this pistol in my hands I thought: this is an OK feeling gun.

It's full metal and weighs 1.04 kg, the only part which is plastic is the part where the CO2 goes through inside the gun itself.
The metal isn't very durable, but holds itself if used right.
A corner on my slide chipped off, but I guess it's my fault since I held the gun at an awkward angle when I put it back together.

Pulling the trigger doesn't take a lot of strength since the blowback cocks the gun. When your mag is empty, the slide will stay back and you can change your mag and start firing again.

The safety switch is a little hard to turn, but a drop of oil will make this easier. There are 3 positions for the safety switch ( like it's capable of auto fire) but it has only two options: safe and single shot (no matter which position).

Safety switch turned to safe.

Safety switch turned to single fire (single fire).

Safety switch turned to "auto fire" (single fire).

The outer barrel is a bit wobbly, it goes back and forth for a few mm, but is decent enough. I put some electrical tape around the inner barrel and the outer barrel has all but stopped moving.
There is a part (plastic btw) which keeps the hop up chamber and inner barrel in place, with a very tiny spring.
If you take of this part be careful with the spring, it comes off very easily and it's hard to find.

Other plastic part.

Little spring for releasing hop up chamber from outer barrel.
(I know it's hard to see, but it's in the center of the image.)

The hop up is said to be fixed, but you can adjust it with a tiny screw at the top of the chamber. Adjusting the hop up seems to be useless since the screw comes loose after a few shots.

Little screw for adjusting hop up.

I've only had a few Co2 leaks, but this was probably because it was freezing outside and/or I shot it too fast, which (I think) freezes up the pin which releases the CO2 and causes it to leak.
Now that it's warmer outside it has stopped leaking CO2.

The mags hold 26 bb's when placed properly. The part that keeps the CO2 cartridge inside the mag is made of aluminum and dents easily. This is not a problem as long as it still screws into the mag and you can still put a allen wrench in there.
There is no wobble at all when the mag is put in the magwell, the only part that wobbles a bit is the cap that goes over the CO2 space.


The box says the gun shoots about 350 fps, I didn't quite believe this and chronoed it using a poor mans chrono with G&G .20 bb's
The bb ripped apart one side of the can and went through the other side, looking at the poor man's chrono page at redwolf it should shoot 350 fps, exactly what the box says.
If I use .25 bb's, it shoots through the bottom center, but I think this has more to do with bb weight than with fps.

Redwolfs poor man's chrono article:

(BB remains in can after penetrating one side) 290 to 310 fps
(BB makes it straight through and exits on the other side) 350 to 370fps
BOTTOM (CENTRAL) 420 to 450fps
BOTTOM (EDGE) 450 to 480fps
TOP (EDGE) 480 to 510fps
TOP (CENTRAL) 520 to 540fps

figures are approximated based on tests with an 0.2g BB. Varying weight of BB may alter results as the above FPS values only apply for 0.2g BBs. Using 0.25g BBs will sometimes allow you to penetrate a surface even at the lower FPS rate. All FPS measurements chrono'd with a Combro cb-625. The range of FPS above accounts for minor structural differences between cans which can require a little more FPS to make the mark."


The gun shoots approximately 30-35m with no hop up used. It had a few flyer's but this happened only after about 20-25m.
So you could say it is accurate to about 20m.

I did some target shooting as well and ended up with these results. (This was done before I cleaned my barrel and shooting targets for the first time with a blowback pistol.)

Range: 5m
wind: no wind (inside)
Ammo: .25 Biostar
position: standing unsupported, hungry and tired

(The square is made for measuring how much cm2 I hit in total, the less cm2, the more accurate I shot.)


I think this is a great gun for use as my side arm.
It's true that you get what you pay for, this one cost me
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