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WE M14 HPA rig?

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I want to turn the WE m14 GBB into a DMR, but I don't want the inconsistency of a gas rifle. I immediately thought of learning to drill and tap a magazine and using HPA, but I don't know if the stock nozzle can support FPS of 500+ (field regulations are 440FPS w/ .36). I see that Evike sells a nozzle for 500 FPS, and was wondering if that was necessary to buy in order for the gun to handle the FPS output of using an HPA.
With all of that said, I would also buy the RA-tech 6.01 barrel and hop-up
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You will need the RA-Tech Steel Trigger Box eventually. I've heard that it splits over time.
You started one not too long ago and I posted a ton into it. What happened to that thread?

EDIT: Here it is ;)
Haha, it's alright. I was actually following that thread a while back trying to give some insight, but the postings just stopped. I figured you just abandoned the project. There is some good info in there though.

Also, I don't know if you own any M16 variants or not, but if you do, I would recommend the PolarStar Fusion Engine if you wanna do something HPA. Those cost around the same price of the M14 and you are almost guaranteed great performance.
Plus, once you get a nice reg, you can use it for any gas rifle. The start-up cost for the P* set-up is a lot if you don't already own an air rig, tanks, and a nice body to put it in, but from what I hear it is totally worth it. I'm planning on picking one up within the next year or so.
flippin said:
I'm not talking about the ROF of fully automatic fire, but the cycle rate of the bolt, if that makes sense. It says that turning up the PSI will only speed up bolt cycle rate and not FPS.
For tapping the mags, I would end up only having one mag and just keep refilling it with a speed loader.
I would already be buying a 6.01 barrel, and hopefully that gives me the desired FPS, but if not I could just up the PSI of the rig.
What about the NPAS System? You could possibly get one of those and open that sucker all the way up and have a crazy FPS. I've heard of some pretty high FPS from doing that and running propane on a hot summer day (high reg PSI).
I'm not sure. I would think they would because I've seen it for every other rifle they have; maybe not though. Best bet would be on an overseas website probably.

EDIT: Quick google search turned up this:

I'm not sure how much it would help, but I also saw RA-Tech's website having one. It may just be a replacement for a stock part considering how cheap it is. I'm really not too familiar with WE's systems, but the NPAS's I've seen on Evike have all looked different than this.
Sounds like it would work, but I wouldn't know, as I don't own any WE GBB rifles so I'm not familiar with how they work.

You might want to look-up which parts have broken on other owner's rifles over time so you will be prepared when they do go out. The only thing I've ever heard on them going out is the trigger mech, but I haven't looked into it too much (thought of doing this project myself a while back but abandoned the idea).
Do you have an air rig yet? If you're looking into getting one, I have a Palmer's rig that I would let go for a cheaper price than buying one new.
I used to be in that boat too, but now I've made tons of transactions.

Just consider it if you end-up doing the project. It'll save you a bit of money than buying from Palmer's website; they charge shipping too.

Good luck with the project; I hope you go through with it because I've wanted to do this myself for a while.
Eh, I know what you mean. That used to be my problem also.
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