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WE M14 HPA rig?

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I want to turn the WE m14 GBB into a DMR, but I don't want the inconsistency of a gas rifle. I immediately thought of learning to drill and tap a magazine and using HPA, but I don't know if the stock nozzle can support FPS of 500+ (field regulations are 440FPS w/ .36). I see that Evike sells a nozzle for 500 FPS, and was wondering if that was necessary to buy in order for the gun to handle the FPS output of using an HPA.
With all of that said, I would also buy the RA-tech 6.01 barrel and hop-up
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Higher springs and PSI tend to increase ROF. I would not really worry about it much if you are going to leave it in SEMI. Which was assumed if you are looking for a semi-auto sniper. I would also look for a way around just tapping the mags. They are expensive and do not offer a lot in ammo capacity. Either modding a stock mag to take stripper clips or re-routing the gas system so you can reload without having to swap your air rig to the next mag be a big difference.

If you need velocity after installing a 6.01, which is highly unlikely, I would suggest a high flow valve. I would say .4 would be a given at that velocity and potential volume of fire. I don't think you will need more than 130PSI which is well within the pressure ranges of propane. Just do some testing you should be able to match the velocity of propane to get you PSI. Still I don't think velocity will be any issue with a 6.01 and heavy BBs.

Good Luck
No point, just open up the ID of the internals with a drill press and/or dremel.
Sorry for the late response. Yep, thats what I mean. Good luck.
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