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WE M14 HPA rig?

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I want to turn the WE m14 GBB into a DMR, but I don't want the inconsistency of a gas rifle. I immediately thought of learning to drill and tap a magazine and using HPA, but I don't know if the stock nozzle can support FPS of 500+ (field regulations are 440FPS w/ .36). I see that Evike sells a nozzle for 500 FPS, and was wondering if that was necessary to buy in order for the gun to handle the FPS output of using an HPA.
With all of that said, I would also buy the RA-tech 6.01 barrel and hop-up
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HPA rigs cost anywhere from $120 for c02 / maybe a second hand rig to $250+ if you spent the money right.

Cheap 48/3000 Tank $40
Hosing $10
Regulator (>250) $40 - 120 /or/ SLP regulator + >250PSI Tank regulator ~$220
QD Fittings $25

If anyone has any more precise price ranges please post but just from looking around and slight general knowledge those would be my estimates.

Something I'm curious about is the de-pressurizing the hose between switching magazines if a valve shutter exists you could plug in before the QD into the magazine so that you don't have to de-pressurize between magazines.

With that being said there will still be air in the magazine so you'd have to empty it out of air before you can move onto the next magazine unless you can handle the big bang it makes when you unplug a pressurized QD hose.

Green gases pressure is roughly 120PSI. I hit 670FPS with .2gram BBs (roughly 590/600FPS with .36) in my Tanaka with my HPA set to 120PSI. I would assume your nozzle should be fine as it currently handles 120PSI green gas.

Check these out for more information on other WE M14 threads regarding HPA, there's also some good HPA information:

Hope that helps!
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