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WE M14 HPA rig?

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I want to turn the WE m14 GBB into a DMR, but I don't want the inconsistency of a gas rifle. I immediately thought of learning to drill and tap a magazine and using HPA, but I don't know if the stock nozzle can support FPS of 500+ (field regulations are 440FPS w/ .36). I see that Evike sells a nozzle for 500 FPS, and was wondering if that was necessary to buy in order for the gun to handle the FPS output of using an HPA.
With all of that said, I would also buy the RA-tech 6.01 barrel and hop-up
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Oh, are you saying that I should widen the valve or something? Or am I just being a complete dum-bass
Sounds like that would be it, because if it is wider more gas will go through the valve. But won't pressure be decreased? Its probably negligible, but would it affect anything?
Sorry for the late response. Yep, thats what I mean. Good luck.
Do you have an air rig yet? If you're looking into getting one, I have a Palmer's rig that I would let go for a cheaper price than buying one new.
I might consider buying from you, although I have never boughten anything from anyone on any forum, I may make an exception.
I used to be in that boat too, but now I've made tons of transactions.

Just consider it if you end-up doing the project. It'll save you a bit of money than buying from Palmer's website; they charge shipping too.

Good luck with the project; I hope you go through with it because I've wanted to do this myself for a while.
Thanks, now I just got to get the OK from my parental units. Saved up my own money, so what could go wrong?
Eh, I know what you mean. That used to be my problem also.
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