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Hello guys,

I am the owner of a WE MSK GBBR and I want to turn it into a sniper/dmr.
My primary goal: torso size accuracy at 100 meters
My secondary goal: increase recoil 2 or three times

I am turning to you guys(airsoftsniperforum/gasguns) since you seem to have the most experience in the airsoft community with projects like these.
Here I will lay out my plan so far, please poke holes at it or come with alternatives, suggestions.
Of course I will be making a separate build thread and keep it updated with the progress.

Power source:
- CO2 12g cartrige rail mounted on the bottom/side of the rifle
- CO2 Regulator Palmers Pursuit
- 2x tapped greengas MSK mags 30rounds with quickrelease/double quickrealease (I believe this guy can help: Alyan Airsofts)

Internal Mods:
- HS Armony IER-Hopup / IR-Hopup
- HS Armory EM-nubs for ER-hop systems / M-nubs for R-hop systems
- HS Armory Barrel Lock Down Kit
- Orga Magnus Barrel for WE MSK GBB - 410mm ( I'm not sure if it comes with a outer barrel or if I have to buy it separately)
- Maple Leaf Diamond bucking 80 degrees

Optional Inner Mods:
- Ratech MSK NPas KIT
- Ratech steel bolt carrier ?
I don't know if it works with the msk?

Any other parts, suggestions?

Thank you for you help.

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You would get more consistency with hpa instead of co2. I think you would be able to adjust the "dwell" with the npas, not sure thu just a theory.

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