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We Need The Pro's!

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Alright, I'm basicly looking for people who have some spare time, pretty much take apart your rifle, take pictures, show how to assemble the stuff, as well as basic problems that may occcur.

After you've done this, PM me the post, or just feel free to do it yourself, if it's good and legit. I'll sticky and give you a +1. If you're information is out of whack, I'll delete and be angry. But laugh because you wasted time.

Anyways, thanks fellas.

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So what exactly is the point of this What do you need us to do this for do you want to see what we can do and already know?
Im sorry but I dont have a rifle yet but could you make an exception for me to do it with a pistol the airsoft smith & wesson model 645 pistol.
Yeah man, you can do it with whatever.

I'm just looking for people to write up some reviews to help increase the wealth of information on the board.
well how do you suggest I post it? where and what do I say pros and cons?
In the appropriate thread is where you put it, and you put what you want.
Sure ill give you one from my VSR. Truly I haven't had any problems, So you said some problems that may occur. I also need to go get a camera(next time I go to my dads I'll get the camera).

EDIT: Camera might take a while so can I just do information? Oakey would probably do a much better job then me. He is the VSR king/god.
I got a camera but where can I post the video for free?

..Anyways... Do whatever you want for a review, I'm just looking for reviews on rifles/gear/pistols/anything essential to an airsoft sniper to add to our mass collection of wealth in knowledge
I'll check if there is one, but I can do a part by part break down for you and make a link to a site to host all of the pictures so as not to load the forums.

Of course it will be on the APS2sv assuming no-one has already!
I have a lot to tell about my rifle , wait for a Tokio Marui M-14 Ultra clear review.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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