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Good Afternoon guys,

So I'm looking at putting together a ghillie and I've had my eye on the Web-tex Concealment Vest for awhile.

I'm wondering how best to go about adding stuff to it to aid in concealment, a lot of the videos I've seen with this cloak rely on vegetation alone.

What I'm considering doing it adding a layer of dyed jute to the cloak first so there is some depth and then of course using the loops attached to add a little veg after.

My thoughts were that this time of year there's not much living vegetation about so a base layer would give me a minimum level of concealment to work with and then as it gets warmer I can add as more plants regrow.

Would you guys recommend doing this or would you just rely on vegetation alone?

If I did add jute, would it be best to tie it to the loops or are the mesh holes wide enough for me to thread it through there?

Any recommendations for dye to use on the jute?

First time making a ghillie so taking all the info I can get, if I'm totally wrong about even getting the webtex vest, let me know.

Cheers in advance guys :tup:

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Hi mate

I see you're from Kent in the UK. The environment in the south of England doesn't really suit traditional jute ghillies. Instead, snipers down this end use leaf suits which have been modified. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend building a traditional ghillie suit if you want to be absolutely invisible.

(Above) Jack Pyke Suit (old version). You can see how effective it is in an English forest vs the cheap jute one in the background.


IF you decide you want to go down the artificial leaf suit route, you'll first want to look other people's suits to get some ideas. I'd recommend looking at Kicking Mustang's creations, as well as the suits used by the Hunteering guys in the north.


Next, you should join this Facebook group:

They will offer you tips and advice on your build. Ask them ghillie related questions and post your suit for constructive criticism.

Base Layer - Leaf Suits

You've got a couple of choices. Jack Pyke used to make very good leaf suits. However, their latest version is TERRIBLE. The suit design has been changed to incorporate large black strips and unnatural yellow leaves. So I would NOT recommend picking one up.

These four suits below are really the only choices now:

Kryptek suit (Cheap and has correct base colours)

Chinese Suit (Cheap but requires spraying / dragging through mud)

Swed Team Suit (Expensive, but a good replacement for the JP suit)
WOOD? Leaf Camo M | Products | Swedteam

MFH Camo Suit (Average price and most similar to old JP suit)
MFH Camo Suit "Leaves" Hunter Brown | Ghillie Suits | Military 1st

My advice: buy the MFH version. It has the correct colours, and isn't too expensive.

Base Layer - Webtex Suits

The Webtex base is optional. You can save money, and just build on an unmodified leaf suit. However, if you want a sturdier base which you can attach a Camelbak etc on, then you should purchase one. Personally, I had an old one laying about, so I used it for my ghillie.

The holes are large enough to create small loops to add material on. They're also large enough for zip ties to go through them. The other cool thing about the Webtex Concealment Vest is that if you leave the hood down, you can then eliminate your profile around the shoulders. In addition, cutting the arms / back down allows you to wear it over a JP suit. For me, it works really well.

(Above) No profile with the hood down :shot:

Ghillie Materials

There are tons of artificial material out there to choose from. I'll list a few. Although natural vegetation can be useful (and it should be used), artificial vegetation doesn't dry up and lose its colour. Also, you don't have to replace it every game day :tup: (Note: I did use jute - dyed brownish-orange - because I had some left over. However, it isn't necessary.)

Ghillie Girl Leaves

Sneaky Leaves (You MUST purchase these. They are extremely useful, and are well worth the money. 2 packs are enough.)
SneakyLeaf All Season - Quality Archery Designs

HobbyCraft Vines


Zip Ties

Mannequin (OPTIONAL - but can be very helpful)
Male Tailors Bust Retail Shop Display Dressmakers Dummy Mannequin Various Covers | eBay

Fully modified Webtex Base with JP balaclava, no JP suit underneath

Sorry for the long post, but I saw you were just getting started. I was in your position once, and wasted a year with a terrible suit :ashamed:Learning how to craft a ghillie takes time, but hopefully this short guide will start you off on the right track! I haven't included any tips on how to actually attach the material, but if you need any further help, PM me... or post on the Sniper Ops group! :tup:


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Wow this has given me a lot to think about, each of these suits looks incredible.

Thank you for the advice and the pics guys - special shout out to GorkaSniper for taking the time to right up that particularly detailed post

I hadn't considered a leaf suit but it's hard to argue with results that look that good, but then again you have made that Webtex suit look very good Gorka


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Crafted leaf suit

Took a basic mesh leaf suit you can find on Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, or Cabela's. Crafted with sneaky leaves, raffia, ivy, ferns, and jute. I've had people within 5 meters and had no clue I was there. I know summer just begun but I already started collecting items for my winter suit.



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