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Hey guys, I built up a vsr a few months back and recently I've noticed a strange issue, which was extremely prevalent today. What i've noticed is my VSR likes 3 different types of ammo....on different days, sometimes even different times of day. Here's my current set up:

TM VSR Gspec
Stock chamber Shimmed
Hop arm Shimmed
Marui Bucking Teflon'd
PDI 303 6.01
Barrel Spacers
PDI Raven Cylinder
PDI Raven Cylinder head
PDI Hard piston
PDI 350% spring
PDI 9mm spring guide
PDI V trigger
Using the marui Supressor

I play on sundays, so every week my gun decides to like a different type of ammo. As was the case today. I started the morning sighting it in with WASHED Goldenball .40s. Temp was ~90* 75% humidity and ZERO wind. I was shooting through the back end of the parking lot (designated sighting in area) which is literally just a straight barren sand pit. The bb's shot perfectly straight out to ~250 feet with a little over hop, then floted gracefully to the ground. The hop lever about halfway back.

Cut 2 hours into the game, my bb's start hooking wildy to the right after about 100 feet. I empty my mags, load up with regular Bioval .40's (unwashed). Re-sight in, adjust hop, hitting point of aim again, ~240-250 feet. Cue towards the end of the day, bb's are now hooking right and left. I adjust the hop literally to the max, bb's AGAIN, pin straight to ~250', slight fade to the right at landing. I say "screw it" and call it a day.

Head back to the parking lot for a bench test. Set up my bipod on the ground, prone position with unwashed Bioval .40's. Set the hop about half way; rounds start flying perfectly straight out to 250'. "....okayyyy....." . I load up with washed .40's, same thing. Slight overhop straight and true out to my max range.

So, I let her sit for a little and decide to shoot her again (now mind you i haven't touched it since I last shot it about 20 mins ago at the time). BB's are now hooking right after about 100 feet. I turn the rifle from 12:00 position to about 11:00 position, bb's fly straight for the rest of the mag.

What the hell is going on here?!?! Any input?????? When i took her down to clean today everything was set perfectly, hop up nub was centered and not off kilter or with unequal pressure on the right side. Also, the scope is perfectly level (i have OCD, so it took me forever to get it perfect...and i know it is lol!) So.....huh???
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