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Welcome everyone to the NEW!

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Well as you can see, we have converted to a new forum software!

If you were previously registered on the old forum, you'll need to request a new password to be able to login here. Instructions are at the top of the forum page. If you can't find the email that was sent to you with your new password, please check your spam/junk folder.

Please feel free to add your old avatars and signature pictures back into your profile, as we were not able to carry them over from the old forum.

Also, private messages could not be carried over either, but the old forum will remain up so you can refer back to any messages you may need to view.

Please excuse any problems or glitches you may see for now, as we're still working to get everything working perfectly again very soon.

And lastly, if you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to ask!

Thanks everyone! :tup:

ATTN: Moderators: I will get you all set back up shortly.
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Vbulletin is the absolute best forum software out there. It's what all the real 'professional' sites use.

Any change will always take a lil' while to get used to, but I guarantee you'll all learn to absolutely love it in time.
As far as I know, every single bit of info was transfered posts or members were lost at all.

I'll check into the character-limit..
Yep...thanks aydonmill! :tup:
I agree with inthetallgrass
And I'm trying to use a gif for avatar but it doesn't work.

Your Gif avatar is working for me.. :shrug:

I'll increase the amount of pics/folders for the albums a bit.. The albums are just really a little 'extra' thing, so choose only your best/favorite pics for it. You can still upload images in posts though.
I do agree it will take some getting used to, but I like it. The ads are quite annoying, though :p
The ads are annoying here, but they weren't on the old forum? Atleast here we have more targeted-ads that relate to the subject of the forum.
Livonia just didn't have the time to devote to the forum anymore, so I took over the duties. Name is Mike. :)
Personally, I liked the layout of the original site better. This seems too gunky. But, I assume change is always necessary.
What exactly does 'gunky' mean? >:D
I believe it's set at 22 total pics.
1 - 9 of 47 Posts
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