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Ok so my new project is going to be an L115 (96) series look-alike. I will be converting the system to a C02 Quick Changer system.

I wanted some opinions on the WELL G96 because nobody has written a review that covers functionality / comparing about it or even handled one properly.

The reason for this thread is also to compare the M700 A.I.C.S and G96 because I'm torn between the two. I would be able to pick up a G96 for $250 and on the other hand I could find a second-hand Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S for around $250.


The C02 rig would run from the magazine onto the stock, the issue arises that the WELL G96 does have a folding stock however I would probably never use it with the C02 rig.


Either way I will upgrade the rifle with new hop/barrel

M700 A.I.C.S: King Arms VSR Chamber, Nineball Bucking, 6.01/6.05/6.08 PDI Barrel(still deciding)

WELL G96:currently unknown upgrade parts (Ares compatible?), I only found out about this earlier this week having spent the weekend researching the M700.

Thanks for any responses!

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Cheese Man said:
I thought the well was a G&G clone?
They do look similar and everything, but the Well G96 accepts AEG buckings and barrels and any kind of spare parts made by Ares (there aren't very many). From what I read, the Well is actually a pretty good rifle once tuned.

The G&G G96 is an exact clone of the Tanaka. The only things different are the magazine (which is different in size than the Tanaka) and it comes with the Power Bolt from the factory.

Both seem like great platforms.
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