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WELL G96D Rifle(s) **SOLD**

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These items are now sold... Thanks you for looking.

I am trying to fund a real steel project, so I am cutting a future sniper rifle project that I had in mind. I have two scrapyard WELL G96D rifles that I was able to combine to make 1 working G96. The fps is low, so this will make a nice tinker project rifle for a sniper wanting this replica. This will not be a good starter rifle for the novice, as it will need some gas work to boost the fps. This sale comes with two of everything except bipod, bolt and scope mount. There are plenty of spare parts to support the rifle for some time.

(1) complete WELL G96D (no scope)
(1) 75% complete WELL G96D parts donnor

EDIT Price: $XXX shipped! OBO

I will get some pics up this evening, the notion to sell the project came up while I was at work.

I take paypal or Postal money order, NO trades, as I am working a real steel project and not another airsoft project.

I will mention, my original goal was to add HPA, as this would be a good platform to add that upgrade to.
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Update: Instead of pics, how about moving pics?


How about $175 shipped in the continental US???

Need the fund the pay off that real steel project...

Some pics of some of the parts as seen in the youtube video:

The only bolt between the two rifles...

One of the two magazines partially disassembled...

Close-up of underside of the two receivers showing the hop-up chambers...

As described, $175 shipped for all!
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I can not get on youtube here at work, so sorry man. But thanks for the great pics.

So you have two complete rifles, minus the bolt from one?
Mostly correct, I combined all of the best components into one rifle, with plenty of spare parts to complete a second rifle upto 75 - 80% complete. The bolt would defintely take up a lot of the percentage of the second rifle, but it is also missing the butt-pad, and a functioning drop down peg (the Tri-leg at end of stock). The functioning rifle, in my opinion, contains the best of all of the parts that the second rifle is missing... does that make any sense? Now I'm confused. Look at the video when you get home, as it definetly covers everything that comes with the package. I did not get a scope in either salvage order, but I did get two complete scope mounts.
For the rifle that is 75% complete, would you consider just selling the stock? I am looking for an L96 stock to go on my WELL MB04 =)
Not the same mounting points... this stock is a copy of the ARES model gas rifle, not the WELL L96 springer.
DRAGON64 said:
Not the same mounting points... this stock is a copy of the ARES model gas rifle, not the WELL L96 springer.
Ahh, Gotcha. Thanks though!
I'll take it. PM me if you still have it for payment details.

...I can't do with having zero airsoft rifles, I need at least one to dick around with when bored and the last G96 I had I was rather pleased with.
Updated: These items are SOLD

Thank you for looking!
LOCKED, dragon if anything comes up and you want this re-opened for some reason, shoot me a PM.
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