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Well has done it again!!

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It looks like well has made a clone of the Ares AW-338, I like how it is AEG cut so getting a tight bore from EDGI is no problem. the only thing I dont like is how it has a dovetail instead or a RIS or 30mm rail. Not really to much on this gun though, only on the Airsplat web site. what do you guys think.
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The fluted barrel looks pretty nice. It actually looks like a well (pun not intended) done rifle. I never really got why they had folding stocks though . . .
Meh it's been out for a bit but it'll still probably fail just as the ARES.
The folding stock is so you can fit it in a smaller bag, make it easier to transport basically. It may be a fail like the ARES but its 200 dollars cheaper, so you can take the savings and put it in to a HPA rig or upgrades.
Oh... my... gosh!!!!!!! Why have I not heard about this earlier!?? How long has this been out? I love the look of these rifles! Now, just make a spring bolt version and we're all good!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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