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Well MB-10 (hideous stock design)

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Not sure if this has already been discussed (I've been away for a while)

Uploaded with
I've seen this advertised in a few shops as a GOL...
Somebody obviously neglected to do any research before designing that stock.
It's hideous
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Would have responded sooner, but had to clean all the throw up off my floor. :-[

Hideous looking rifle.
Stop posting in this thread. Everytime I check here to you know, do what mods do, I see those pics and instantly throw up lunch. ::)
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woogie said:
Hmmm......steaming poo..... hmmmmmmm

Sorry fuzzy, had to
Cause you know I was going to check this thread. ::)

Next person who posts in here gets a warning.
Haha, I am just kidding...

Or am I..
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svdsniper69 said:
Apparently theres no Russian fans here, its supposed to be a SV98. It looks close but a couple small difs
Welcome to the forums. Please make an intro post and read over the rules. We don't text talk here so "difs" shall for now on, be written "differences."

Thank you.
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