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Well MB-10 (hideous stock design)

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Not sure if this has already been discussed (I've been away for a while)

Uploaded with
I've seen this advertised in a few shops as a GOL...
Somebody obviously neglected to do any research before designing that stock.
It's hideous
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Thats the bastered love child of what looks like a svd and a bar-10.........I dont know though cuz if the stock was different and it didn't have the flare it wouldn't look to bad.
blackfoot1 said:
It's still ugly as sin, but at least now It doesn't make me want to cry.
Still makes me, but I would love to see ares or someone else try there wack at a gol.
pvt13 said:
Give up fuzzy, you only check this thread so you can admire it's beauty
::) ya its real perty, not really
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Also please dont necro post, especially on a post fuzzy dosnt like to see
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1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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