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Well mb03 accuracy issues after upgrade

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I have a Well mb03 that I’ve been upgrading mainly to achieve more range. My upgrades include:
-Maple Leaf VSR-10 90 Degree Trigger Set for VSR-10 Sniper Series (2020 version)
-Maple Leaf 90 Degree Piston for VSR-10 Series - Black
-Action Army 6.01mm VSR-10 / M24 LTR Barrel 512mm
-Action Army m170 spring
-Maple Leaf Hop Up Chamber Set VSR-10
-Maple Leaf 70 autobot bucking

I’m currently trying out some Norvritsch .36g bbs. I’m using .36g based on what I’ve read here in accordance with my barrel length.
The issue I’m having is after all these upgrades I’ve completely lost all accuracy. And when I say completely I mean I have maybe 5ft groupings at 120ft. I had decent accuracy after the trigger and piston upgrades. All other upgrades were done at one time. I have Teflon tape at the bucking to barrel connection and on the threads for the cylinder head. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the gun or if I need heavier ammo. My experience with aegs that needed heavier ammo normally resulted in bbs flying straight up as if they were overhopped. This gun is shooting bbs all over the place. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Wow, thanks for all the advice! I’ll check compression and swap back in the old stock spring to see if I’m just pushing the bbs too hard. If the old spring works I’ll either cut the new spring down a little or get some .43g bbs…..or most likely do both of those options. Considering I just got the ML hop up chamber (which did come with the ml arm with integrated nub) I’m not too keen on changing for the action army one unless this one proves to be my issue. If the compression test checks out and the spring change results with the same accuracy issues I’ll tear down and rebuild again. While doing that I may swap stock parts back in one at a time in a guess and check fashion. If/when I order the heavier bbs I’ll check into getting another bucking to test with.
All compression test good. After swapping back in the stock spring accuracy has returned. I still want to use the m170 so I’ll be buying some .43g bbs to try out. Also as a side note I’ve seen some post about after market spring length compared to stock spring lengths. The m170 was about an inch longer then my stock spring when installing. It stayed in the gun for about 2 weeks and had maybe 100-150 shots on it. When I pulled it out it was actually about half an inch shorter then the stock spring. Just a note for anyone interested in spring lengths. Do y’all think .43g will do the trick? It seems it’s hard to find heavier without paying the same price of the bbs in shipping cost.
I would also like to upgrade my MB03 but i don't know the degrees of the stock trigger,i want to mount an Airsoftpro piston but idk if it wil fit the trigger. (This is the Piston:,(This is the stock trigger:
Pls hep if u know something about this situation.
The stock trigger assembly is 45 degree. It is an absolute must to replace the stock assembly when upgrading as the stock trigger sears are too weak to handle upgrades. Mine actually failed before I upgraded anything. If you’ll be upgrading to a 90 degree piston you have to have a 90 degree trigger.
You do not sound rude at all. Yes, in order to upgrade to a 90 degree trigger you have to change the entire assembly out. 90 degree is better in reliability. I’m not sure if you’ll see a great improvement by just replacing the trigger and piston. I started out only upgrading a few components but ended up almost upgrading every piece of the gun to achieve what I wanted. Every time I upgraded one component another component became a weak point if that makes sense. After all these upgrades my rifle has greatly improved range and somewhat improved accuracy. The only thing I’ve added to my list of upgrades since my first post is a action army Teflon coated cylinder. The only thing I would change about upgrades I did would be a weaker spring, m150 or so. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask whatever.
I did also move to .43g bbs.
So what are you wanting to achieve? Just making the gun easier to cock? Or do you want better accuracy or range?
You do not necessarily need to upgrade your trigger if you are not getting a stronger spring or 90 degree piston. However the stock trigger sears will fail eventually. My gun was completely stock when the stock trigger sear broke into 3 pieces. It’s honestly why I started upgrading in the first place. To make the gun easier to cock I would look into a Teflon coated cylinder. These make the bolt pull a little smoother. A better piston wouldn’t hurt but that’s where you get into 45 degree vs 90 degree and having to change the trigger assembly. Now if you did want to strengthen your trigger it seems in my research awhile ago I ran across 45 degree steel replacement Sears for the stock trigger. I think they were on evike. I can’t speak to the integrity of these parts though. They may be just as bad as the original sear.
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