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Well mb03 accuracy issues after upgrade

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I have a Well mb03 that I’ve been upgrading mainly to achieve more range. My upgrades include:
-Maple Leaf VSR-10 90 Degree Trigger Set for VSR-10 Sniper Series (2020 version)
-Maple Leaf 90 Degree Piston for VSR-10 Series - Black
-Action Army 6.01mm VSR-10 / M24 LTR Barrel 512mm
-Action Army m170 spring
-Maple Leaf Hop Up Chamber Set VSR-10
-Maple Leaf 70 autobot bucking

I’m currently trying out some Norvritsch .36g bbs. I’m using .36g based on what I’ve read here in accordance with my barrel length.
The issue I’m having is after all these upgrades I’ve completely lost all accuracy. And when I say completely I mean I have maybe 5ft groupings at 120ft. I had decent accuracy after the trigger and piston upgrades. All other upgrades were done at one time. I have Teflon tape at the bucking to barrel connection and on the threads for the cylinder head. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the gun or if I need heavier ammo. My experience with aegs that needed heavier ammo normally resulted in bbs flying straight up as if they were overhopped. This gun is shooting bbs all over the place. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I would also like to upgrade my MB03 but i don't know the degrees of the stock trigger,i want to mount an Airsoftpro piston but idk if it wil fit the trigger. (This is the Piston:,(This is the stock trigger:
Pls hep if u know something about this situation.
Thank u very much,the trigger can't be upgraded whiteout changing it completely? The 90° trigger is superior over the 45°? Does ur sniper shoot better after the upgrades?
If u can help me pls do because i am new tot his hobby and i really want to learn things but I don't have someone to ask
Sry if i sound rude,it may be because I'm not an native English speaker so the formalities are not my strong point
U must have a strong spring if u use 0.43g BBs,i use 0.36 ones.I don't want to change to a stronger spring i only want to make the rifle charge easier and to don't have so much friction between the piston and the cylinder. Do I need to upgrade my trigger if i don't force it with a stronger spring?
Thank u very much for helping me Centerfire! :)
I'll keep u updated after the upgrades
Making the gun more easier to cock,i like the range and the accuracy,i hit bottles at 50m with it so is enough for me
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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