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If this is the wrong place to post this I apologize, i spent a good 10 minutes mulling over where to post. So i've spent about 4-5 hours on youtube, google and other sites researching to see how upgradeable(or un) the well MB03 is. THe answers ive found are so mixed and confusing I thought I would just ask in a forum and see if someone who actually knows will respond.

Basically what I want to know will this rifle be upgradeable with most vsr-10 parts, with little to no modification of said part(not that I mind modifying it if need be, it just seems smarter to get parts that fit correctly) any links to parts would be nice. Im looking for an upgraded spring, and all the necesarry parts to insure it wont detroy my rifle, an inner barrel preferably 6.01(also will any 509mm inner barrel work?), and a thumbhole stock. Also I would like to know if you can remove the orange tip so I can put a suppressor on it. Thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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