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Well MB03 Upgrades

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Hello all! This is my first post here, and about my ninth month with my MB03. Before getting the MB03, I was primarily a close quarters guy- I had a UTG MP5A4/A5 with a KWC Desert Eagle as my sidearm (yes, I know you're probably scoffing at the spring Desert Eagle- when I snipe you with that thing at about 80 feet or so, who's laughing now? XD). Recently, I sold the UTG and the Desert Eagle broke, so I'm waiting on the UTG MK23 SOCOM.

My local field closed down, sadly, and we're still looking for a new one.

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for upgrades? It's a stock MB03. I haven't used it in combat much due to the closing of my field, but I've practiced with it a lot. Besides a TM tightbore barrel, are there any other upgrades you'd all suggest?
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I wouldnt touch it...

Just clean the hell out of it... strip it and clean it!
Once you get the crap out of the inner barrel this is one of the most accurate and powerful stock sniper rifles on fields today
(note I said stock)

Once you start upgrading it start expecting to put big $$$ into it.
Zero Trigger or new trigger sear, new spring guide so on.

Basically if you upgrade it reinforce the heck out of it.

I left mine stock and got some truely insane hits with it.
But I cleaned it after every game/pratice

Treat her right and she will do the same for you :)
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I've had it for almost a year now (put about 5,000 rounds through it, haven't touched it since August since I'm at school). Should I still open her up (still to be named) and clean the hop up? I barely even touched it since I got it (except I did lube the bolt to get a smoother bolt pull after cleaning it).

I'm also carrying a DE USP and a UTG MP5.
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I would just clean the barrel and go from there...

I use to clean my barrel every 50 shoots during practicing and after every game. Just like any airsoft rifle any amount of dust or dirt can screw your shot up.

Also check if the hop up is oily if so clean it off :)

Funny thing is after talking about this rifle again I remember how much I missed it so I just ordered another one :)
What happened to yours?

And my rifle is erratic at best. I think the hop up came with an insane amount of grease in it, as did the barrel, which I haven't really touched. All I remember is the first time I field-stripped it, I got oil all over my hands after I pulled the weapon apart. They put too much grease on- when I get back home, I'm taking it apart, cleaning the hop up and barrel, and using some good old fashioned paintball lube.

Also, do you think it would be impractical to carry both the MB03 and a JG SR16 at the same time?
I traded it for a gun 3x the value (I warned the guy a bunch of times)

I have carried with an m4, and a ak47 it does get heavy and clumsy... The best AEG would be a p90 or a mp5 series.

The lighter you are the faster you move.

That being said if you are primarily moving with the JG and getting into position I don't see it being too bad.

Just make sure to get a good carry sling for both.

Also if you are using a bipod make sure to take off the rail and attach it to the sling stud. It moves the bipod forward enough so it wont cut into your shoulder.

As for the oil yep they ship it smeared in garbage oil. Its horrible it took me about an hour of solid cleaning to get it all out.
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Well, I usually use the UTG MP5 in the A5 configuration (retractable stock), but I like the JG, and I'd prefer the MP5 for CQB work. I'll be using the JG with a short 190 round JG hicap. Probably with a red dot and a vertical foregrip too. Or would you reccommend a G36C?

What do you mean about the rail/bipod thing? Anything to get that bipod out from digging into my back is a good thing.
The stock MB03 has a rail on the bottom for a bipod.
Right at the tip of the stock.

Remove it and place the screws back in.

Then use a Harris style bipod :)

G36 over the sr16
and don't use hicaps you will give a way your position
Oooohh. I thought you meant "Unscrew the bottom rail and turn it around". I thought "WTF will that do?". XD
And I think I'm going G36K, actually, seeing as my MP5 is really for shorter range work. The K will be my midranged rifle/backup weapon. And as a sidearm, I'm ashamed to say I mostly carry a KWC spring Beretta M9. It hasn't failed me yet and I've only needed to use it once...
I am a big fan of airsoft snipers using spring pistols or nbb pistols.

Reason: They are dead silent from a few feet away.
I use to use a TM USP Fullsize Springer

It was hilariously quiet and it would really float the bbs
Sadly I got a kill from 150 feet away with it once.
Sorry for the epic necro-post, but you were correct, sir. I cleaned out the hop up, inner barrel, and put a spacer, and the gun's performance shot through the roof. I am now making 3 inch groupings at 120 feet (I know that's probably unimpressive, but I'm still impressed),
Hey, i was there a way to remove the bolt and put it in again. I am very new to sniping (thus the reason i am using a WELL Mb03 clone, but i am saving for a TM Vsr-10) and well, my little brother thought it would be a good idea to mess with my airsoft gun while i was at school. Thanks!
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