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Well MB06 (SR2) cylinder damage

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I recently upgraded my mb06 with the pps upgrade set (aluminium springguide, piston and new spring). I kept my old spring in because my field limit is 500fps and I didn't want to damage my trigger.

But now when I cock the bolt, there are scraping marks on my cylinder where it passes the fake ejection port. Does anybody have this problem before?

Thanks in advance, and I'll try to add a picture later today.
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If this is not something that has happened before (ie isn't a thing before you installed the PPS upgrade parts), try disassemble the gun and see;

1. If there is any scratch-inducing protusions. This is a common source of scraping marks, usually just sand it away will do.
2. Try re-installing. Make sure the cylinder is put in correctly and perfectly aligned.
3. Try putting in different parts from the original gun. If somehow the problem has something to do with the new parts this can single out your source of problems or at least avoid using it.
That’s normal ~ish. My mb03 has scrapes on the outside of cylinder too. A bit dirt or dust gets into receiver thru the fake ejection port and bob’s your uncle. Outside scrapes on the cylinder doesn’t affect performance per say. Clean it, block off ejection port or don’t. Clean it whenever.
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I'll look into to when I will make my first attempt at doing the R hop mod. I'll also saw a post about making a plastic sleeve to shim the cylinder inside the body and act as a dustcover. Think I'll try that to.
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