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Hello guys,

(TL;DR in the bottom)

I joined the airsoft sniper community a few months ago, and got myself the Well MB08. I chose the 08 model because I found a good deal with some metal internal upgrades ootb. Now as I'm gradually leaning more into it, I want to drop some more upgrades, however I've come to dislike the folding stock feature. I'm really not using (not for transport, not for storage and obviously not in-game), and I feel like not only is it a weak link (it wobbles, even after putting a piece of cloth in the contact surfaces to stabilize it), plus the metal part that connects the pieces is adding a considerable amount of weight to an already heavy replica.

So finally the questions:
Where can I find a spare MB01 body?
Are the rest of the parts (putter barrel and trigger mechanism, charging mechanism, etc) compatible with other one-piece L96 receivers and possibly of higher quality? Are those available without buying a new gun as a whole?
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!
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