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WELL MB08 upgrades

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Thanks for the help. Also the MB08 is what I was looking at.
To be honest though im familiar with the internals I wasnt looking to do any manual mods, just install upgrade parts.
I've heard great things about Angel Custom but what do you guys think?
Angel custom parts have generally bad reviews but with good reason. Personally I've used an AC part for a GBB valve and as a replacement it was fine. But like I said others have had serious problems and as such, I would generally just stay away from their stuff. PDI and Laylax parts are MUCH better and you can find them at airsoft Atlanta for reasonable prices and I'm sure a magnitude of other places get them in for reasonable prices as well.
Good luck on the upgrades!
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Ok thank you for warning me
I actually have an old MB01 that I just thought "hey why dont you just fix it and upgrade that?" So tonight I disassembled it and found the trigger box was cracked so Im getting a zero trigger for it. When putting it back together I noticed a small screw that does not let my bolt handle go down at all, does anyone know how to fix this?
Ok tomorrow Ill post pics
Nevermind about the bolt guys I foujd a video on youtube on how to fix it.
Nevermind about the bolt guys I foujd a video on youtube on how to fix it.
You should post a link to that fix-it don't ya think? May help others with the same issue...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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