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Hello all.

This is my current Well MB09 setup.

Stock Outer Barrel, Receiver, Stock, Hop Block, Hop unit and Bolt handle end cap.

Action Army EG Barrel for VSR 410mm.
Maple Leaf 60 degree bucking.
AirsoftPRO Full upgrade v4.1 zero trigger set
AirsoftPRO U shape hop arm
AirsoftPRO Cylinder with Sorbo installed for an airbrake.
AirsoftPRO Piston
AirsoftPRO Cylinder Head
AirsoftPRO Bolt handle

Currently shooting just below the UK Joule rating on .48's.

So I have been very unimpressed with the amount of flyers and general inaccuracy I get with it. Due to the fluted Well barrel, I have to stick with the original hop unit, which although TDC'ed and installed with a nice arm and shimmed, it seems to perform flyers on a regular basis.

The AP Air seal components are really quality, however they generate slightly less volume then standard VSR components due to thicker cylinder walls and smaller diameter piston. It also has a peice of sorbo to bring the FPS down a little. As such the 410mm barrel is too long to get enough volume for .48s to be stable.

So I am considering a shorter barrel setup with the following parts.

Maple Leaf VSR CNC Receiver Type B
Maple Leaf Bull Outer Barrel 300mm.
Maple Leaf 300mm Crazy Jet
Action Army VSR 10 Hopup chamber.

I have to keep the stock Well Hop Block because the MB10's mag release mechanism is built into the Block and not the body.

I would prefer to not have to buy the ML receiver, but I believe the Well receiver is off spec and will unlikely be able to take the ML Outer barrel.

I will likely pick up some Bull barrel stabilisers as well.

Does anyone see a problem with this setup at all? Can I reuse my Well VSR Rail on the Maple Leaf Receiver? Considering the AP Cylinder has slightly less volume then most VSR's and a piece of sorbo has been installed for an Air Brake, will I be close enough to volume matching with a 300mm 6.04 ML CJ barrel?

There is a cheaper way of doing it, simply buying a Well MB02 for cheap, and just use the outer barrel from that, buy the new inner barrel and AA Hop unit and be done with it.. Sadly Gunfire has none in stock for the silly cheap prices Well MB02's go for.

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Should be fine, but I would also consider Action Army for the barrel and receiver, whichever is cheaper.
Another one to use would be a Novritsch SSG10 receiver and outer barrel, which should lower the price a ton and still be good.

For the inner barrel, you could use 300mm, but I would suggest that you go for something like 350mm-380mm and 6.01 if possible.
You should try just cutting your AA inner barrel and crowning it with a knife just to get an idea of what barrel you need.
Who knows, if you crown it well enough you may not even need a new inner barrel.

As for barrel spacers, just use painters tape.
Just wrap a layer really tightly with the sticky side up, and then wrap on top of that with the sticky side down until you have your desired sizs.
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