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Well MB4410 real steel model?

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Hi guys!

I've been wondering if there's a real life counterpart for the Well MB4410 rifle?

I dig the look of it but it kind of ruins the feeling if it's just some Chinese space rifle that's completely made up.

Also my first message to ASF! :cheers:
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Welcome to ASF!

Yep, its real. Sorry for the nasty 240p screen grabs

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Thanks guys!

Guess I have to grab one if I can get a good deal somewhere!

OT/ I did an introduction post too, rules are rules /OT out :tup:
Try airrattle... You should be able to get one for about $120 shipped, because they have a 30% off sale right now.
It's just that I live in Finland and ordering anything from US is crazy expensive because import taxes and such. I think I'll keep an eye on used guns here in Finland for now. From what I've heard these guns have their fair share of problems and I also have a lots of upgrading to do on my MB03/VSR, so that's my #1 priority now.
This is an mb4411, which is slightly different (closer to an actual m2010 though :hehe:):

MB4411A [WELL] -

This is from Poland, which means it's really easy to get to Finland ;)

I'd advise against these rifles though. They're not as upgradeable as type 96 or VSR rifles. You can still get parts for them, but they're just harder to upgrade and have a more complex design.
Thanks, I've ordered my M14 from TaiwanGun and their customer service seems to be very good! Also the shipping costs are very reasonable considering it only takes around 4 days for UPS to ship the package to Finland.

I've read about these things here and they seem to have a lot of feeding issues too. Maybe I'll wait until someone decides to sell their used MB4410 very cheap. I have to get my VSR upgraded and that takes some money too.

Does anyone know of a Well L96 mock suppressor?
Any you want as long as it has the right threads really. I used a small 10cm suppressor on mine, the gun was long enough as is and it did the job.
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