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Well MB4410 real steel model?

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Hi guys!

I've been wondering if there's a real life counterpart for the Well MB4410 rifle?

I dig the look of it but it kind of ruins the feeling if it's just some Chinese space rifle that's completely made up.

Also my first message to ASF! :cheers:
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Thanks guys!

Guess I have to grab one if I can get a good deal somewhere!

OT/ I did an introduction post too, rules are rules /OT out :tup:
It's just that I live in Finland and ordering anything from US is crazy expensive because import taxes and such. I think I'll keep an eye on used guns here in Finland for now. From what I've heard these guns have their fair share of problems and I also have a lots of upgrading to do on my MB03/VSR, so that's my #1 priority now.
Thanks, I've ordered my M14 from TaiwanGun and their customer service seems to be very good! Also the shipping costs are very reasonable considering it only takes around 4 days for UPS to ship the package to Finland.

I've read about these things here and they seem to have a lot of feeding issues too. Maybe I'll wait until someone decides to sell their used MB4410 very cheap. I have to get my VSR upgraded and that takes some money too.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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