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What about hop up chambers(m28)

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Hi my companions!, I know you maybe are bored with the same questions: do you know for any echo1 m28 upgrades!? It will fit con the echo1 m28? Echo1 m28? M28? M twenty eiiiiggght???????:mad: agggrr!!!, but.... any ways! I really like the m28 even with aaall imperfections, i think is a misunderstood rifle, eclipses by vsr, well, ssg24, and helped by his own company echo1 given us no upgrades.... We had to figure out how to upgrade this rifle, and i don't know if un other rifles can push a .20 grams bb at 500fps with an stock m140 spring, well, all stock actually!. I will describe you what upgraded and diy mods i put on it: a vsr steel 45 degree sears, trigger from speed airsoft, maple leaf bb stopper, PDI W hop up bucking, and a steel cylinder head from airsoftpro. now for diy mods: in the hop arm, i put a tin foil from a soda can with a flat shape, on the barrel i made a one large inner spacer made of a rolled paper with glue, very strong and stiff. Im still working on the steel cylinder, and i bought a 500mm 6.03 inner barrel from laylax and a m130 spring from laylax to, now i need a pistón ( i think maybe the cyma m24 cm702 or 705 pistón will work but i don't know if there's hop up chamber will fit and work in the m28 with the Vsr inner barrel shape. Btw with my m28 can shoot like 75mt with .28 bbs with a veeery worn stock spring(3years) the only thing is that i cant test the accuracy at 75mt because of the 40m\s winds allmost every day! But at 37mt it is ver y accurate!. I need help guys for the upgraded for my m28. Thanks!
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