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When I’m running a setup tuned for range, I’m satisfied with body shots at 60 yds. Most of the time I’m not in situations that allow me to make further shots, since my opponents usually have their eyes on me, and can easily duck when the BB takes 3 seconds to fly. At my field we play different sizes of map related to amount of players, so unless there are 30-40 players around, I don’t get too many opportunities.

However, I have made a couple of nasty 80 yd shots that absolutely made my day. It is work though to keep my DMR in optimal condition. I’ve found that I’m ordinarily more effective with a less-tuned setup that does better than the average AEG, but still allows me to get into the thick of things.
silent gun + black or dark grey bb is fun in those situation, because they will look at you and wait for some noise or to see the bb, and they are hit like dears on highway looking at cars beams. :LOL:
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