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Well my goal is a 4mm hole at 200m, smaller than a BB itself, but that definitely is impossible lol.

My best accuracy was 20 shots on a 32cm plate at 75m with a VSR and .48g BBs, which I have never been able to replicate, and another good group was like 80 shots on a 45-55cm truck rim at 85m with a Polarstar F2 in an M4 with .36g BBs.
I have been slowly and surely creeping up on those numbers again, but I currently have nothing left of my VSR-10 save for the HPA engine that was in it, and my M4 is probably only going to last a few more months until I swap out the engine and barrel into a homemade better body.

I'll bookmark this post and hopefully get back to it with some hard numbers and real photographs.
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